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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Life Insurance

'Work the entire life, just to feed the doctor'

once we will heard phrase like this among our neighbourhood.

Results shows that there is over 60 Percent of bankruptcies are because of medical and illnesses treament.
Most of the residents in our country do not have the sufficient coverage of their Health and Medical Coverage.

Did yourself have a sufficient of coverage to protect yourself and your family?

Let's do a quick check.

Question : Is 500,000 protection is SUFFICIENT?

Average Critical Illness happen at AGE 49.
Expected Surviving Period is 15 Years.

Just to mention about daily expenses
Asuming one can't do their daily work after the events of Critical Illness.

ONE DAY Meal = RM 50.00
ONE WEEK Meal = RM 350.00
ONE MONTH Meal = RM 1500.00
ONE YEAR Meal = RM 1800.00
15 YEARS Meal = RM 270,000.00

Not to FORGET.

Your Spouse?
 + RM 270,000.00

Your Kids?
+ RM 270,000.00 (Each Kid)

Your Medical Expenses?
+ RM ??,???.00

Your Supplement?
+ RM ??,???.00

Wait no more longer, contact us to arrange for a
Free Health Check on your Financial Needs.
Please leave your enquiry here, we will reply as soon as possible.
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